Some say we’re in a golden era of MMA in North America, others disagree.

The former group points to the fact that virtually all the best fighters in the world are fighting under one umbrella here in the US. UFC offers great fights nearly every week, and they’re easily accessible — some on network television, others on cable, others on the promotion’s online subscription service, UFC Fight Pass. But they’re out there.

Others disagree. They find it frustrating to have one promotion in the sport with a virtual monopoly. They say there’s too much power in the hands of too few, with fighters not getting compensated properly and, simply put, just too much UFC action out there to keep track of. Another eight hour show on the way? No thanks, they say.

Well, bad news for the latter group. But, maybe good news for the former.

Eric Winter, the man the UFC hired to oversee UFC Fight Pass, described his plans for the new year today with the veteran MMA and pro wrestling writer Dave Meltzer, and well, let’s just say they’re big.

“Winter is looking at a future where there is a full fight card every week on the service,” Meltzer writes for MMA Fighting, “and is looking at technological advances for a planned heavily promoted relaunch early next year.”

Winter describes his work as being in the “nascent” stages. UFC Fight Pass already includes programming from the UFC as well as organizations like Invicta FC, Titan FC, and Shooto: Brazil, but he says there’s much more to come.

“We should have more than 20 organizations signed as content partners,” he says. “We’ll be announcing new organizations soon. I don’t think we have the regularity that I want and I think that we need, and that we owe to our consumers. We have to have events every Friday or every Saturday, live streaming content, and we’re not there yet.”

UFC Fight Pass is currently running a “Powered by Ronda” theme, featuring bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.