Both Zuffa owned UFC and WEC promotions currently cater to different weight classes. All except the lightweight division, which both promotions have a full fighter roster in. This may not be the case for much longer according to UFC president Dana White.

In a recent interview with USA Today‘s Sergio Non, UFC president Dana White told Non that the WEC lightweight 155 pound weight class will eventually be merged into the bigger UFC promotion when the new flyweight class.

Dana White:

“I actually think it’s kind of cool, I think eventually what we do is, we’re going to continue to add to lighter weights, and you’ll end up seeing these (WEC) guys go into the UFC, the 155 pounders.

White also explained that the UFC production/ commentating/ announcing duties, will now be handled by the experienced UFC staff. That means we will be seeing UFC”s Bruce Buffer announcements now, along with¬† Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg commentating, which will very likely give the UFC feel to the newer fan.