In a recent interview with USA Today, Dana White announced that WEC’s lightweight division will “eventually” merge with the UFC. The WEC’s lightweight division is the only division that continues overlap with the UFC.

This division is currently being dominated by Benson Henderson, who is set to meet Donald Cerrone at this coming Saturday’s WEC 48.

In the interview, White discussed what was to become of the lightweight division from the smaller organization;

“I actually think it’s kind of cool,” he said. “I think eventually what we do is, we’re going to continue to add to lighter weights, and you’ll end up seeing these (WEC) guys go into the UFC, the 155 pounders. ”

When Zuffa first bought WEC in 2006, many of the weight classes overlapped. But in 2009 the two companies combined many of the weight classes together such as the light-heavyweight, middleweight and welterweight divisions, and this left the WEC with lightweights, featherweights and bantamweights.

So when can we expect the lightweights to make the merger? White said this could happen when the WEC launches it’s flyweight division. And WEC general manager Reed Harris stated that the WEC plans to add the lightweights, but the organizations other weight classes remain top priority.

“We’re still entertaining that,” Harris said. “What we had to look at, though, is that we had a roster of fighters now, and in order to keep these guys in top condition and to keep them in fighting mode, you have to give them a certain amount of fights over the year. I think that’s one of the things we do better than any organization out there. To add that flyweight division would dilute that somewhat, and we felt like we needed some time to still catch up with the guys we had. So we’re still looking at that, but right now our focus is getting our fighters fights and keeping them in contention for those titles and things like that.”

Mind you none of the WEC officials have directly confirmed that the merger will actually happen and many of the UFC officials have complained that some of the WEC fighters are just not good enough to be in the organization. So what happens still remains to be seen.