WEC 44 is a wrap and what a exciting event – plenty of finishes in knockout and submission style. Pictured above is your new WEC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo. Winning by TKO over former champion Thomas Brown.

Here’s a recap of the main event:

Round one: Gloves touch and we’re underway. Double jab from the champ. Big exchange and Mike Brown lands a huge overhand right that stuns the challenger momentarily. Big kick from Aldo. Brown initiates a clinch, but Aldo pushes him off. Nice combo lands for Aldo. Brown is stalking and he eats a hard leg kick. Another. Brown tries one of his own that finds it’s mark. Aldo has Brown on the run now and he lands a high kick followed up by a big punch. The champion gathers himself and grabs Aldo for a takedown attempt. He doesn’t get it, but he still has a body lock. Aldo defends another takedown attempt nicely, but Brown maintains the clinch. The champ is working the knees from there as he has Aldo pinned against the fence. Aldo finally pushes out and then lands a straight kick. Hard body kick from Aldo lands as Brown half heartedly shoots for a takedown. High kick misses from Aldo, but a low kick finds a home. Another hard leg kick from Aldo. The round ends with Aldo leaning in with an overhand right that gets blocked. The challenger likely stole round one and Mike Brown has a fight on his hands.

Round two: Brown has a cut above his right eye coming out for round two. Brown leans in with a flurry and Aldo circles out. Hard leg kick lands for Aldo and he flurries now with a wild combination. Brown tries for a takedown to escape, but Aldo shrugs it off rather easily. Aldo now with a takedown and Aldo has mount. Brown gives up his back and Aldo is raining down the punches. Brown is not defending and he’s getting drilled with some heavy ground strikes. Brown isn’t even trying to escape and the referee has to step in and stop the fight. Jose Aldo has just won the WEC featherweight title in dominating fashion.