The “California Kid” Urijah Faber plans on fighting the best fighter in the MMA, even if that means crossing promotion’s. But Faber first has to get by the very tough and talented Jose Aldo, the current WEC champion. Faber even goes on to entertain the idea of a future BJ Penn bout.

Urijah Faber:

“I could go down to 135 pounds if he (Torres) wants to fight. I’m here for a long time so I’ll probably fight everybody. Miguel is in there. (Mike) Brown, I’m going to fight him again. (Jose) Aldo, I’ll take care of that. I didn’t know for sure if Miguel would come to 145

and he’s got his hands full with my boy Joseph Benavidez (on March 6), so we’ll see how he does there first before I even think about fighting him…. That’s a super fight (with B.J. Penn). I’ve thought about that. B.J. and I went to a USO show together. We’re buddies and we’ve trained together but we’re in the fight game to find out who’s the man and I’m sure B.J. doesn’t have a problem fighting me and I don’t have a problem fighting him. We’d be buddies after.”