“Without Faber, the WEC would not have had its first pay-per-view event Saturday night at Arco Arena. Without Faber, the WEC still would be in the shadows of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Without Faber, WEC fighters would not make the money they do in and out of the ring. But featherweight champion José Aldo delivered a message to Faber – through numerous, painful leg whips – that should have come through loud and clear: Retire. Retire now, not after another loss in which you’re cheered entering the octagon and booed leaving it. Faber couldn’t beat Aldo on Saturday night or any other day of the week. No shame in that. Aldo is a young, powerful kid. He didn’t even use most of his aggressive arsenal against a foe he truly respected. Faber has made Sacramento proud, restoring pride to a once-great fighting city. He’s a true warrior who has survived many battles. Why risk tarnishing that image or risk the chance of injury? Take a bow, Urijah.”

California’s state capital of Sacramento, made the request that their one -time hometown WEC champ Urijah Faber, retire from his MMA career. The reason for such a request was due to the fact that Faber was completely dominated for five whole rounds by Jose Aldo on Saturday at WEC 48. Many fans think that this statement was pretty harsh considering that Faber’s only other loss was to Mike Brown in 2005, with a career that has spanned over 18 fights.