UFC President Dana White told MMAFighting.com that Aldo has cleaned out his division and is considering moving up and down to challenge the title holders, including the UFC lightweight champ.

“I had heard that he wants to move down a weight class, win that belt and then go to 155 to fight BJ in the UFC. If he can do that, I don’t know if he can cut that weight and make that light a weight division, but he’d be the first guy to win three titles in three different weight divisions…. I think it’d be pretty interesting. I love stuff like that,” White continued. “I think if a guy proves himself at a certain weight class it’s time to move on and try something new and I like that. but it’s so hard to do in this sport because there’s such a gap between weight classes. You can’t be like [Manny] Pacquiao [jumping] seven different weight classes.”