There is no question that the Zuffa owned WEC, (World Extreme Cagefighting) is an exciting promotion, even compared to UFC but with their first PPV event looming, there is much talk if WEC can sell like the UFC, which is also Zuffa owned.The very exciting WEC fighter Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone had this to say on the matter.

Donald Cerrone:

“Going to pay-per-view will definitely make a difference in the pay scale for our fighters. We’re stepping it up. I think we should do it just like the UFC and Spike TV. Have a mix of free cards and pay-per-view cards. We’re not the little brother to the UFC. The WEC is right there. We deserve the same spotlight. The lighter weight guys are just as exciting and just as talented, if not more. I think we bring a lot more excitement.”

[Source: PROMMA Radio]