It seems like only yesterday that Georges St. Pierre was abdicating his throne and leaving the comforts of UFC life for the wilds of whatever it is he’s doing now. But it wasn’t yesterday, it was four months ago, and the void he left at the top of the welterweight pyramid will (presumably) be filled on Saturday night when Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler clash in the main event of UFC 171.

Yes, there will be fists flying, and when Hendricks’ and Lawler’s proclivities for separating people from their consciousness are taken into account, it’s safe to assume that when the dust settles someone will be champ and someone will be asleep. Does this notion thrill you? Does it make you want to shell out the dough to watch the pay-per-view? If not, then maybe the following video will help. (And if that doesn’t do it, check your pulse – you might be dead.)