It feels like all UFC installments prior to the massive UFC 200 are just appetizers for an eagerly-anticipated main course, but hey, there’s a pay-per-view this weekend  – UFC 199 to be exact – and there’s some decent heat coming off some of the match-ups.

At the top of the card, middleweight champ Luke Rockhold gets to beat on Michael Bisping again. If the rumors of Rockhold nursing a hurt MCL are true, then maybe Bisping has a chance of beating him, but we’ll see.

Meanwhile, in the co-main event, champ Dominick Cruz will get to dance around an aging Urijah Faber once more, picking at him like a bloody scab.

By now we all know that all these dudes don’t like each other (well, I’m sure Rockhold and Bisping are cool with Cruz and Faber, and the little guys are probably somewhat cool with them, but you know what I’m saying). So here’s a video of them facing off at the media day presser.