Once upon a time former UFC champ Renan Barao was a young buck making his way up the regional circuit in Brazil – which, because Brazil is Brazil, often meant that the concept of rules was amorphous at best. Take, for instance, this 2007 scrap against some fellow countryman of indeterminate identity (Brazil is also Brazil when it comes to record keeping – hey, half the people there live in the jungle, you know?). In the bout, the future UFC top dog is doing his thing, and then… WHAMMO.

Obviously, soccer kicks to the dome are illegal in this particular event, which is why the bout is either declared a “no contest” or win via disqualification.

It’s also worth noting that while Brazil was a hotbed for MMA long before the sport ever came to the States, the Unified Rules that we’ve adopted here in the civilized world haven’t exactly trickled down to every place in the world where cages areĀ set up. In other words, things can get crazy.