“Dana White: Lookin’ for a Fight” started off with an interesting premise: Dana White, with Matt Serra and Nick the Tooth in tow, travels around the country scouting for fresh talent in the minor leagues, and meanwhile get into local mischief and eat.

But as the third episode, posted below, shows us, the series is venturing into snuff film territory for the sake of laughs.

Sure, White and company travel to Kansas to milk cows, herd buffalo, and take in a crappy MMA show, but before they go, they stop at a gym and get tased.

Yes, tased, as in 50,000 volts through the body.

It’s somewhat funny, but why? Why are we seeing this? This is a slippery slope for the sake of entertainment. What’s next – watching Serra take a bullet to the leg or Nick driving a car off a cliff?