Here it is you blood thirsty animals. Exciting is one of many words you could use to describe last nights war in the main event between Carlos Condit and Martin Kampmann. Gritty, gory, violent, bloody… Primal. You would think that the Dutch kickboxing background of Martin Kampmann would give “The Hitman” the edge in striking, but that wasn’t the case last night in Indianapolis.

As we went into the later rounds, it was apparent that Condit’s cardio and pinpoint accuracy was going to be a problem. Slowly, the former contender dismantled Kampmann. Martin’s only viable response would be his wrestling, which Dana White would publicly criticize afterwords. By round four it was a few straights, capitalized with knees, which gave Ref. Herb Dean no choice but to waive off the fight in favor of “Natural Born Killer.” The battle would go on to earn Fight of the Night honors.

Official: Carlos Condit def. Martin Kampmann via TKO – Round 4, 0:54