“Pezao,” right to the kisser. Watch as Antonio Pezao “Bigfoot” Silva upsets Alistair Overeem in the third at UFC 156 in Las Vegas, NV. The bout had bad blood coming into it, as Overeem had told the press that he essentially ‘chased’ Antonio out of the Blackzillian camp when he made the move to Miami.

The first two rounds would of had you believing the betting lines were on point, as Overeem slowly picked-apart his tentative opponent. As ‘Bigfoot’ realized that he could not only strike with the K-1 Grand Prix winner, but that he can damage him as well, it was all over. Third round showed a stunned Overeem, out on his feet as Silva reigned beautiful combinations until the fight was waived off.

Following the lack of respect by Overeem in the pre-fight conferences, Silva taunted his unconscious adversary, getting pulled away by Ref. Herb Dean. That was not enough for the new ‘King of Miami,’ as Bigfoot tweets this to “The Reem” after the bout.

@BigfootSilva: Who is the king of Miami?? Quem e o rei de Miami?? Obg. A todos pela torcida…”Amo todos vcs”…Brasillllll

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