Dana White’s video blogs usually provide a great behind-the-scenes glimpse into UFC events. But every now and then, the peek behind the curtain gives us something more, something so tangible and evocative that we can’t help but say “Wow!”

This latest vlog – which is meant to hype up the upcoming UFC 177 pay-per-view – is one of those kinds of homeruns.

Really, only a few things happen in it, and it all pertains to UFC 175. If you’ll recall, that event saw Ronda Rousey and Chris Weidman both retain their belts. It also saw the return of heavyweight Stefan Struve derailed at the last minute due to health concerns.

And let me tell you, seeing Struve bawling his eyes out, and would-be opponent Matt Mitrione trying to console him… damn.

Then there’s Uriah Hall, screaming in pain as the doctors backstage try to set the bones in his mangled foot.

Remember Rousey’s jacked up hand? We get to spend some time with her during her postfight medical examination. After that, it’s all about the dust settling around the Weidman/Lyoto Machida fight.

Sometimes these vlogs the UFC releases don’t offer much. This isn’t one of those times. Watch and enjoy.