It may have not been a cage kick repeat, but it was a beautifully executed armbar from the guard that would of made Fedor Emelianenko blush. Prior to the first round submission, it was Pettis that was landing the better strikes. What makes the victory even more amazing is that Pettis came into the fight with a partially recovered knee, and popped the opposite knee early in the fight, leaving Pettis to finish it on the ground.

Following the victory, the newly minted champ called for the 145 pound champ Jose Aldo. When UFC president Dana White asked who would be likely to fight Aldo, Mendes or Pettis — Dana quickly responds “100 percent Anthony Pettis.” Aldo’s management has recently called for Pettis to come down, which White believes shows weakness on Aldo’s part. Interestingly, Pettis is said by many to be at a disadvantage in his current weight class, as a smaller lightweight, similar to former champ Frankie Edgar. According to Pettis, he would be more at an advantage at 145.