Cocaine is a helluva drug, and Jean-Claude Van Damme – the action film star from yesteryear who was some sort of “kickboxer” – knows all about cocaine.

He also thinks he knows all about kicking technique, which is something he believes UFC fighters lack. As per TMZ:

Wanna REALLY kick someone’s ass? Pay attention … Master Van Damme will teach you.

In fact, Jean-Claude Van Damme says most of the badass fighters in the UFC don’t really know how to execute a proper leg strike, so he gave TMZ Sports a FULL KICKING TUTORIAL to show us how it’s done.

“Right now, it’s a mess,” Van Damme said of the kicking in the UFC … “they are missing, they are out of balance. Thank god they have good jiu-jitsu.”

But JCVD didn’t just talk the talk — he pulled over a buddy and gave us a full demo on the street!

“If I can give some of my knowledge to some of those amazing UFC fighters in terms of legs, I have a lot to teach.”

Watch. Learn. Take notes.

Good grief.