After Chael Sonnen took out “Shogun” Rua at UFC FN 26, and he called out his longtime foe Wanderlei Silva again, it appeared as though the all-star fight might materialize in 2013 (depending on the health of “The Axe Murderer”).  As you likely know, Silva wasn’t going to be ready for UFC 167 on November 16th, and as  result, Sonnen will fight Rashad Evans.

So, does this mean that the chances of Silva-Sonnen happening anytime soon are small? Well, according to a report from MMA, Silva still has his eyes on Sonnen, even though “The American Gangster” is booked to fight in less than two months. The 37 year-old legend was quoting saying:

“I talked to the boss and said that I can fight Sonnen in Brazil or in Oregon,” Silva said. “I want to beat him in front of all his friends. I want them to watch how bad I will destroy him. I’d be down to fight in his backyard. You can call all his friends. I want Sonnen to feel ashamed of how bad he’ll be beaten by me.”

“I would fight him if he wins or loses against Rashad,” the former PRIDE champ said. “I have no problems with that. I’m not that type of guy that only accepts a fight when a guy is coming off a win. That’s an interesting fight and I will have to be ready because he’s a good athlete, and I want to be able to do everything that the fans expect me to do against him: beat his ass.”

Silva, who hasn’t fought since March when he knocked out Brian Stann, also relayed that he’s training again and that he’ll be “ready to fight soon.” So, if Sonnen emerges from his UFC 167 tilt with Evans unscathed, then maybe he’ll finally battle Silva.

That said, if Sonnen wins on November 17th, he will have defeated two former champs in consecutive bouts. The UFC could look to book him against another top ranked 205’er next. Silva-Sonnen would be a pretty big fight though…

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