When Wanderlei Silva announced his retirement from mixed martial arts last month in an emotional video address, fans speculated that the Brazilian fighting legend they call “The Axe Murderer” may not really be done with the sport.

“We wrote an amazing story together,” Silva says in a tearful goodbye to his fans towards the video’s conclusion. “Keep giving us your support, because you are the only motivation to keep fighting. But the wheels keep turning and tomorrow everything can change.”

The video was actually entitled “Not a Goodbye.” With all the problems Silva had with the Nevada Athletic Commission, specifically the retreat from a drug test which would eventually result in his lifetime ban, speculation began that he actually on his way to another MMA organization. Perhaps one of the overseas organizations would negotiate with Silva — maybe, one close to his fan base from his glory days in PRIDE FC?

But, it’s not the case.

“No, no, no,” Silva replied when asked about fighting elsewhere by Submission Radio.. “For me, it’s done. I (will) not fight anymore. For anyone.”

The interview marked Silva’s first English language media appearance since announcing his retirement last month.

He was also asked about a possible appearance in the UFC Hall of Fame, which he says, essentially, holds no interest.

“I don’t want (it),” Silva said. “If the guys invite me I won’t accept, because my Hall of Fame is my fans. My fans are the Hall of Fame. Not him. He does not decide who goes into the Hall of Fame. The fans decide.”

“He can’t decide everything,” Silva said of Dana White, with whom he mentions having “a good relationship — I respect him, he respects me.”

Still, he smiles, “The guys go to the Hall of Fame just for him (laughs). No way man, I don’t accept. If the guy is asking me, I don’t go.”

Full video of the interview is here: