The UFC has announced that top middleweight contender Ronalda “Jacare” Souza and top middleweight performance-enhancing drug abuser Vitor Belfort will clash at a Fight Night event in Brazil in May. Here’s the “official” tweet:

When last we saw Belfort, he was a deflated shell of his usual self because he was facing Chris Weidman in Nevada, a jurisdiction that tests the hell of fighters. Obviously, Belfort had no superpowers to rely on, so the American smashed him.

But being that this fight will go down in Brazil, where urine sample collectors pose for pics with the fighters they’re supposed to be overseeing, and Belfort’s chemical antics always seem to be at their most egregious, well, God only knows what’s going to be coursing through his endocrine system come fight time.

Good luck, Jacare. Try not to get any of his radioactive blood on you.