Much was made at Nevada Athletic Commission hearings back in July about Vitor Belfort and his history with performance enhancing drugs.

The UFC light heavyweight contender (and former champion) was told that he have to go undergo blood and urine testing, at random, leading up to his challenge of Chris Weidman for the UFC light heavyweight title.

But, according to Nevada Athletic Commission Executive Director Bob Bennett, he hasn’t been tested once by the NAC since then, and likely won’t be.

The bout was originally scheduled for September of this year in Las Vegas, but was postponed due to a hand injury suffered by Weidman during training.

Now, Bennett says in an interview with MMAFighting, the UFC’s plan is to hold the bout in California, so no plan is in place for Nevada officials to test Belfort (seen above in a 2013 bout against Luke Rockhold) at all.

Weidman reacted with surprise to the news on Twitter today:

So instead of Bennett and the NAC, the responsibility to test Belfort will fall on the shoulders of California State Athletic Commission Executive Director Andy Foster. Foster told MMAFighting that he’s unsure how many times Belfort will be randomly tested, but the promised random tests will happen.

“He’s not going to get a free pass,” Foster says. “He will have blood and urine randomly tested.”

Foster notes that per Dana White, the likely host for the Weidman/Belfort bout will be the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and the event will happen in February.