Don’t be fooled. Though it may have looked like UFC legend Vitor Belfort had champ Chris Weidman on the ropes while the former was flurrying against a turtled up latter, in reality the American was never in trouble. And we all know what happened moments later: Weidman effortlessly took the Brazilian down, made him look like a white belt by passing his guard and securing mount, and pounded the crap out of him. Weidman is undeniably good at what he does, but Belfort looked like utter crap.

Yeah, the point has been made. A non-TRT’ed out Belfort stands no chance against Weidman, and deserves not even a whiff of championship glory. Now everyone knows that. So I say let’s relegate Belfort back to being the king of the Brazilian shows by letting him go back on the sauce and do what he does best – which is win in spectacular fashion against people with only a fraction of his testosterone levels.

Consider this: If you take away all the title talk, it was at least somewhat fun watching Belfort put away Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping. And hell, the way he snuffed out Dan Henderson had a lot of entertainment value as well. All of that was made possible by the unbidden SuperSoldier Serum coursing through Belfort’s veins. Why not let him go back to that now? All points about legitimacy and ability have been proven (i.e., without the juice, Belfort has none). What’s left should be what we knew all along: Belfort – like regulatory oversight and the use of chemicals to unnaturally extend careers – is a joke that’s still worth a few laughs.

I say let’s keep laughing a little bit more. Spinning-kick knockouts from someone who should be about 15 years past the age of throwing them effectively are fun, Belfort ‘roided up is fun. Let’s have some more fun.

Why not, eh?