With all the fighters and promoters recently speaking out against the use of TRT, it was only a matter of time until someone using testosterone replacement therapy spoke out. With Forrest Griffin, Chael Sonnen, Quinton Jackson, Dan Henderson, Frank Mir and Vitor Belfort all having used the treatment, you know one of them would eventually break, and here is what Belfort had to say via his Twitter.

“This will be last time that I will talk about TRT. I never hide from UFC that I was on the treatment but I admit that I didn’t admit to the press. I confess that this was my mistake. I am MAN enough to admit my mistakes. So from now on, guys please don’t fight me if u going to use this as a excuse that’s it. I never lie and never hide from UFC.”

While Belfort does apologize for never releasing the fact that he uses TRT to the media, he is not apologetic about using TRT itself. It also begs the question: how long Belfort has been on the treatment since it was only released recently that he has been using TRT?

The fighters who are speaking out against TRT are generally younger, with Michael Bisping being one of the older (active) fighters against the treatment. One has to wonder what happens when they reach 40 and their bodies don’t hold up, they take longer to heal from injuries, and they feel like they cannot go as hard in training sessions as they used to. Even Dana White was an advocate of TRT until he felt fighters were abusing it and started to show signs of misuse.

Henderson is the perfect example of what TRT should be used for, because he actively tests himself during training to make sure he does not exceed allowed levels, and it allows him to still compete in amazing fights for the fans. The debate is sure to rage for quite some time, but even White cannot get TRT banned himself since athletics commissions grant the an exemption to the fighters. Fighters can only get tested randomly when training, which is what should have gone on all along for those using it.

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