Before Vitor Belfort challenged Chris Weidman for the UFC middleweight title back in May, he was the subject of a great deal of controversy.

The bout was Belfort’s first since testosterone replacement therapy had been banned.

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Weidman called Belfort a “two time convicted juice-head” in the lead up to the bout, which was rescheduled several times since it was originally scheduled in 2014.

And while their bout ended up a one-sided beat-down, it seems their war of words isn’t over.

Belfort fired back at Chris Weidman yesterday, referencing Weidman’s low testosterone score in pre-fight drug tests; and essentially accusing the UFC middleweight champion as the one who’s cheating.

In an interview with Na Grade Do MMA (translated and reported by Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting), Belfort inferred that Weidman’s low score was indicative of the champ “cycling off” a performance enhancing drug.

“I was doing a treatment and paid the price,” Belfort said. “But have you ever thought about it, or no? Nobody ever talked about it. My levels were normal, his levels were low. How a kid at his age has low testosterone?”

Belfort maintains that his previous issues with drug tests were related to hypogonadism, other fighters are simply cheating.

“The reality is everybody was doing cycling, with their testosterones (sic),” he said. “I didn’t hide anything. You all knew what I was doing, I was doing a treatment. And I still have the deficiency, I’m working with supplements and food. I have a life of sacrifice. I don’t have a normal social life. I won’t reveal my secret, and my doctor’s secret, but we have been using natural things to meet this demand.”

Belfore fights Dan Henderson on November 7 at a UFC Fight Night event in Brazil.