Legendary Brazilian fighter Vitor Belfort continues to languish in hormonal limbo, the victim of a deep-rooted penchant for synthetic testosterone and a world that no longer tolerates such shenanigans. But Belfort isn’t one to let the reality of a TRT-less existence get in the way of his title hopes!

As per MMAFighting:

“My intention is to fight for the belt,” Belfort told MMAFighting.com. “I got a license in Brazil from the exams I did. What I want now is get licenses in every state because the UFC is a global company, and I want to fight whenever there’s a fight. If I need a license to fight in Mars, I’m ready.”

Unfortunately for the Brazilian, a surprise drug test in February when he visited Nevada has thrown a monkey wrench into the works of his career. And though he continues to deny that there are lingering licensing issues, not even UFC president Dana White thinks Belfort will be back anytime soon.

Will the surprise drug test taken in February be an issue?

“Not at all, even because I was in treatment,” he responded. “The only thing is that I didn’t have the license (to use it) in Nevada.

“I always did all the exams. When I was doing the TRT treatment I did exams every week, so I have all the history. That’s really serious and I have good doctors. I was always very responsible with that.”

Right before the next question about the result of the surprise test, the interview was interrupted. Joana Prado, Belfort’s wife, picked up the phone and said the fighter wouldn’t talk about it.

“That (subject) is closed,” Prado said. “You already have the answer from the lawyer, the UFC and everybody else.”

Vitor Belfort, ladies and gentlemen. An exciting fighter, a delusional fighter, and the gift that keeps on giving.