Vitor Belfort has been pretty mum about his rampant cheating via TRT, but in the ramp up to his upcoming bout against Dan Henderson at UFC Fight Night 77 next weekend, he made an appearance on AXS-TV last night.

The Brazilian spoke. Maybe he shouldn’t have.

“I don’t see people talking about, but the 14 guys that were in treatment in TRT in the UFC, 12 of them were American guys. And I don’t see the press talking a lot about them,” Belfort said. “And, of course, I think the reason that I got too much heat (is) because I was devastating the young generation. And that’s their excuse, that’s why I lost. TRT doesn’t teach you head kicks, spinning head kicks, how to knock people out. You know, Bas (Rutten), you’ve been in the game, you fought the best guys in the era. And fighting, you know, people lose their fight they try to find excuse. I never tried to find one, and I’m not gonna give any one for my opponents.

“No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, but the difference between people that wanna pursue in life don’t make excuses. Find the way to succeed, find the way, go, work hard. No other way. I teach my kids, no other way, work hard and be smart. Choose to walk with the right people, having the right crew around you, and I’m very thankful. I’m still in the treatment. Actually, I’m still on TRT, but I have a new version of that. You guys wanna hear it? It’s true revival touch. Made me alive. I’m alive.”

Watch the full video below.