Vitor Belfort has issued a statement apologizing for his harsh response to a testosterone-replacement-therapy question following UFC on FX 8, which garnered plenty of attention considering he won that night by spinning heel kick….

Belfort told MMA’s John Morgan to “talk to the hand” and requested “somebody beat him up”, when the writer brought up TRT. Yes, what a shocker, a journalist raising an issue at a press conference that has dominated headlines for weeks.

At any rate, the renowned fighter has posted the following statement via Twitter.

To all my fans and to all the reporters that was there on the after press conference I would like to ask for forgiveness the way I answer about TRT I RECOGNIZE THAT I ANWSER IN A IMMATURE WAY BUT WAS THE 10 th time that that reporter ask the same question. No excuse!! I made a WORNG call and I am here to ask for forgiveness God bless all you guys love to do what I do and I am keeping moving UP SEEKING GROW AS A MEN OF GOD AND AS A FIGHTER “DONT DOUT ME I WILL PROUVE U WORNG” PEACE

So, there’s definitely an apology in there, but clearly Belfort is pretty tired of discussing this issue (not surprisingly). Don’t expect the debate to go away anytime soon. Although, if Belfort were to fight another TRT user, maybe he wouldn’t have to field as many questions about it?

Photo Credit: Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports