When you’re one of the most decorated and feared Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors on the planet, you might scoff at the idea that a wrestler is going to tap you out in front of thousands of people. Case in point, Phil Davis has said that he may in fact submit Vinny Magalhaes at UFC 159, and to say the renowned grappler disagrees, is a bit of an understatement.

While appearing on a recent episode of MMA Junkie Radio, Magalhaes was asked to comment on the threats of Davis, who also sent some BJJ enthusiasts into a rage recently by saying wrestling is a “bit stronger of an art form.”

 “In an MMA fight, anything can happen, but a submission from Phil Davis on me? No way,” Magalhaes said. “That’s just ridiculous. For him to think that, he has to be completely insane. Delusional, or insane.”

Insane? Probably not. Misinformed or too confident? Maybe, but there’s also the chance that Davis is just floating these “delusional” ideas out there to get under the skin of Magalhaes. It’s also made for some interesting pre-fight hype for a bout that should be pretty, pretty, pretty entertaining.

The whole jiu-jitsu vs. wrestling or who can tap-out who debate aside, a win for either man Saturday will be huge.


 Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE