Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Once upon a time the UFC’s light-heavyweight division was the best thing it had going. Tito Ortiz was a star, Chuck Liddell was a star, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was a star, Randy Couture was a star… but somewhere along the line, when the baton was passed to Jon Jones, things went to crap.

None of this is current champ Daniel Cormier’s fault, of course. He’s earned his status as king by seizing nearly every opportunity within reach. But the fact remains that his sole loss in MMA was to Jones, and it’s quite possible Cormier is only champ now because Jones sucks at keeping out of trouble.

Cormier and Jones are set to rematch at UFC 214, and – cross your fingers – the fight will go off without Jones derailing it with drugs and/or traffic infractions. Seriously, please cross your fingers. Because Cormier, and the light-heavyweight division as a whole, needs to have it’s muddied waters become clear again.

Here’s Cormier bustin’ heads.