Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

In the age of fighters drumming up fan interest by saying the meanest things possible about opponents, it’s a breath of fresh air to have someone just be a totally nice guy all the time.

I’m talking about Demian Maia of course, who is the deadliest fighter on the UFC roster when it comes to jiu-jitsu, but is so damn nice you have to think he goes home after fights and weeps for the harm he’s inflicted.

On Saturday, Maia gets a crack at Tyron Woodley’s belt at UFC 214. This title shot has been a long time coming, as the Brazilian “Mr. Nice” guy has been methodically taking out contenders left and right.

Maia is just one of the few fighters featured on the Embedded episode below, but keep on eye on his clip. He’s shown chilling with his kids. I bet there was more footage – of Maia nursing injured animals back to health and feeding the homeless – but the UFC cut it out for time purposes.