Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

The UFC’s big summer offering is nearly upon us, with UFC 214 coming this Saturday and featuring Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones in the main event. (Theoretically. Jones could still screw things up.)

For a light-heavyweight division that has lost much of its luster thanks to Jones beating everybody yet losing the belt because he’s a jackass, this fight could fix some of what went wrong. And it all rests on the shoulders of champ Cormier. He lost to Jones, and is only champ now because, well, Jones is a jackass with drugs and vehicular crimes. That shadow has hung over Cormier, made his star shine less bright… and yet a win over Jones on Saturday would erase that. He would finally be the true champ, the true best fighter in the 205-pound weight class.

Below is the first episode of UFC 214 Embedded. Watch Cormier. Watch how much this fight means to him. (Hint: it means a lot.)