Stipe Miocic is the heavyweight champ in an era where the rest of the heavyweights are mere shadows of their old selves. Sure, Francis Ngannou looks promising, but who else is there who’s worthy that isn’t suffering from debilitating injury or shackled by the yoke of USADA suspension? The answer is “no one” – which means the only other card the UFC has to play is the revenge angle to make Miocic fights interesting. And since Miocic’s only two losses ever were to Junior dos Santos and Stefan Struve, and Struve is a medical mess right now, that leaves Dos Santos to headline UFC 211 opposite the champ.

Obviously, time has been the champ sharper while dulling the Brazilian’s edge. But they’re heavyweight strikers, so all they need is for one punch to connect and it’s lights out.

Below is the Countdown video devoted to Miocic and Dos Santos. It has everything you need to know before you tune in on Saturday night.