Another episode of Dana White’s “Looking for a Fight” has been released, and while it has all the usual antics – the boys check out some food being made somewhere, they do standup comedy at a comedy club – but throughout it all, a mystery pervades.


If you’ve watched any of the episodes prior, you know that White’s lifelong pal (and goofball) Nick the Tooth is an integral part of the never-ending road trip. But suddenly, and with absolutely no explanation, he’s gone, all evidence of him stricken from the opening montage. He’s even replaced by ex-fighter Din Thomas.

I have no insight into this particular situation, but I know from experience that if you’re trying to get a network to pick up your show, and an executive says your product is “too white”, well, you’re going to make some ruthless changes. Maybe that’s what happened here. Who know, though.