Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold appear to almost come to blows in a video released today from their press event in Sydney, Australia.

Language isn’t exactly safe for work — so here’s a brief transcription if you don’t want to give it a watch just yet:

Bisping: “You are such a f—ing fool. I’ll beat you like a little boy! You’re a kid, you’re a child! You get step any closer to me, boy, I’ll knock you out.”

Rockhold: Who have you ever knocked out?

Bisping: I knocked out your boy last weekend, you f—ing p—!

Rockhold: You call that a knockout?

Bisping: Control yourself you f—ing p—. Who have you ever knocked out? Tell me a name, tell me a f—ing name!

Rockhold: Kosta Philippou.

Bisping: That was a body kick! You didn’t knock him out!

Rockhold: Who have you knocked out?

Bisping: Your f—ing boyfriend Cung Le went flying across the room from a knee two weeks ago. You were there in front row!

Rockhold: Yeah, I saw it and I wasn’t impressed.

The two were in town to hype their upcoming bout in November to headline UFC Fight Night Australia. They previously traded barbs in interviews and on Twitter: