Jon Jones has had a tough road to the belt, as well as a murderous row of challengers to his belt. The problem according to Jones, is that the UFC is giving his contenders easy roads to the belt.

“I wanna see [Gustafsson] fight a top contender. Seems like these guys are not really having the toughest time to get to the belt. Teixeira goes from Bader to a championship fight. Gustafsson went from Shogun to a championship fight. I feel like they save all the dogs for me and they just give the toughest guys the easiest match-ups to get to a title shot. Let’s see some of these top contenders fight each other.”

The news that “The Mauler,” who had came close to taking his title, would now take on someone ranked so low, like “Lil Nog,” seemed to irk Jones.

“I was like ‘Really? You want him to have the rematch that bad?’ No disrespect to Nogueira, but let’s see Gustafsson versus Cormier. It makes so much sense. Me, Cormier, Gustafsson and Teixeira, the top four guys in the division. Let’s put us all in a little round-robin pool and see who is the toughest out of us four. Why throw Little Nog into the picture? But whatever, I’m gonna fight the toughest one anyway.”

Jones is now willing to admit that Cormier is a top contender, which is why he proposes that Gustafsson take on Cormier. The match would of course cancel out some competition for Jones, which may or may not be best for the champ. After all, Jones himself admits that he’s running out of goals to accomplish.