Yesterday, UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste posted what is labelled a CBS interview to her YouTube channel.

She called it “the most real and genuine interview of my life and career.”

Like a lot of MMA fans, I watch for Celeste because she’s such a beautiful lady; who is involved in the sport I love.

I did not expect what I saw here.

It is… as much an epic poem as it is an interview.

Early in the video, the voice over boasts: “You can’t think of UFC without Arianny Celeste coming to mind.”


When I think of the UFC, I think of leadership which changed the martial arts and entertainment landscape — from Art Davie to Dana White. I think of fighters who changed how we viewed fighting, from Royce Gracie to Ronda Rousey. It’s actually quite a while before I think of the gal who held up a sign between rounds at the fights.

But, she seems nice enough. Later, Celeste recalls her successful UFC audition — and she really comes off a kind person, who is actually kind of introverted at heart.

Then, the voice over trumpets: “The glitz, the glamor, the enormous fan base worldwide, soon became her reality. She’s the among the most sought-after models, TV hosts, and actresses of her time. But it didn’t come easy. It took a lot of hard work…”

Huh? One of the most sought after actresses of her time…?

I’ve always liked Celeste. As I wrote back in March, Octagon girls give us a smile at the end of the day. It’s all good.

But man, this is just really, really weird.

See for yourself: