If only every fight card could be as monumental as UFC 166 when introducing a new crowd to the sport. Mixed martial arts may have an uphill battle in mainstream acceptance, but the heart of the warriors were just too bright for mainstream media to ignore on Saturday night in Houston. Houston’s NBA stars were front row for the action as they were left flabbergasted by the experience.

“I’m just amazed at how they can take a beating to their bodies like that said Isaiah Canaan. It takes a special type of human to sit in that ring for that long period of time and take a beating. It was fun. It was my first time seeing that up close and personal. I always watch it on TV. So, for me to actually see it live was amazing.”

Superstar Dwight Howard, like many others had much admiration and respect for the grit of Diego Sanchez after his fight of the night against Gilbert Melendez (who he forgot). The same could also be said for Junior dos Santos’ heart. To take a beating as they did and continue rushing forward is just something that speaks to the human spirit. We all fight through adversity in one way or another and these men have shown us the visual struggle on the most instinctive level possible, making a very memorable moment for all that witness it.