Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Some fighters wield knockout power from their ability to focus their strength into their punches. Some have it from explosiveness and speed. Dustin Poirier has it thanks to ace timing and fantastic accuracy.

The talent has served him well over the years, bringing oh so close to contendership, and making him one of the more dangerous denizens of the lightweight division. And this weekend, Poirier will face former champ Anthony Pettis in the main event of UFC Fight Night 120.

Pettis is more of the ‘explosiveness and speed’- types of knockout artists, although his timing and accuracy is also pretty killer. So in a battle between two surgical strikers, it’s a safe bet someone is going to get waxed, right?

Possibly. They’re both pretty skilled on the ground, but it’s likely whatever openings present themselves will have come because one dude rocked the other.

Here’s Poirier in action.