When last we left our intrepid heroes – UFC boss Dana White, former champ Matt Serra and, well, I don’t know how to describe Nick “the Tooth” – they were puttering around the country checking out regional MMA shows and taking in the local attractions.

In Philadelphia, they of course had a Philly cheesesteak, but at an MMA event called Dead Serious they didn’t really see anyone who sparked their interest.

In Atlantic City, they took a dip in the ocean (in the middle of winter), then saw a Ring of Combat event and scooped up champ Randy Brown (who made a successful debut in the Octagon just this past weekend, proving that the concept for “Lookin’ For a Fight” actually works).

In episode two, which is posted below, the terrible trio ventures up to Alaska. The highlight: Serra in a wetsuit, trying to navigate a paddle board and not fall in the frigid Alaskan waters.

Watch, and laugh at Serra, who looks like Mr. Incredible in his outfit.