Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Featherweight king Max Holloway and former champ Jose Aldo, in the main event of UFC 218 on Saturday night. We’ve seen this fight before. In fact, we saw it just five months ago. We know how it goes.

Aldo does what Aldo does, blending lightning-like kicks with constant movement, and Holloway absorbs it, walks the Brazilian down, and clubs him to death with his fists. That’s why Holloway possesses the belt while Aldo is left with table scraps.

Of course, since it’s a fight, anything can happen, and there is nothing in the rules that says Aldo can’t make the necessary adjustments and walk away with the crown on Saturday. But like I said, we’ve seen this fight go down a mere five months ago. How much will the rematch be different?

Here’s UK commentating team Dan Hardy and John Gooden to break down this fight for you.