Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

When I gaze my crystal ball and focus on Saturday night – specifically, the co-main event between flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson and challenger Ray Borg – I see only a limited number of outcomes for the fight.

Obviously, all those outcomes have Johnson kicking Borg’s butt. It’s just a question of how he feels like doing it.

Which isn’t to say Borg isn’t a tough, skilled fighter and a worthy challenger. He is all those things.

But for too long “Mighty Mouse” has reigned king, and that kingship has made him only better – better than he was before, better than everyone else in the division, better than most of the fighters on the UFC roster in any weight class.

However, fights are fought regardless of the outcomes we know will surely happen. So here’s UK commentating team Dan Hardy and John Gooden breaking down the fight.