This is different. Georges St-Pierre is not known to make superlative statements going into a fight. This time around though it seems that St-Pierre hints that he may have a “secret weapon” (wrestling?) that has him confident going in to the fight against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167. A fight that many assume is his most dangerous fight to date.

“I’m confident I’ve done everything needed for the fight. Watch me November 16, you’ll see. No problem, I’m confident I’ll beat him everywhere.”

As to how he sees the fight ending — of course an early knockout or submission.

“I’m going to win by knockout or submission in the first round.”

St-Pierre’s demeanor may be the result of  his opponent questioning his stance on performance-enhancing drugs. If so, could we see a glimpse of St-Pierre’s performance against BJ Penn II after Penn’s accusations of steroid use?