And you thought they didn’t like each other. A sincere Chael Sonnen tells a circle of reporters that he will be taking his coaching duties in Brazil very seriously. So much in fact that he may reach out to his former nemesis Anderson Silva to request help coaching.

“Who knows, I may reach out to Anderson and see if he wants to be on the coaching staff with me. Anderson Silva was one of my first thoughts to ask. And again, that wouldn’t be for me or Anderson. That would be for the young men who are kicking and clawing and trying to get into the UFC. I think his knowledge of the sport is tremendous, but also his ability to communicate in a Portuguese atmosphere would be very helpful. I think he’s got a relationship with Wanderlei, so it’s probably not likely. But that doesn’t mean I won’t reach out.”

Besides that interesting remark, Chael also drops some knowledge on the true history of “pankration,” which he says is the original name of mixed martial arts.  Sonnen also mentions earlier in the interview that Wanderlei Silva was robbed at gun point the last time he went into Brazil. Lastly, Sonnen also continues to argue his two losses to then champ Anderson Silva.