U.S. versus the U.K.? That’s what it’s looking like as tension rises between middleweights Michael Bisping and Tim Kennedy on AXS TV’s Inside MMA. Shortly after a brief Twitter exchange, the two make an appearance, not only insulting each other, but agreeing that the match-up is one that they’d relish.

“So Wednesday night Tim Kennedy knocked somebody out and ever since then, he’s been calling me out,” said Bisping. “To be honest, he’s been calling me out for years now and I’m a little bit tired of it so Tim, if you want to fight, you know where to find me. Call the UFC if you’re man enough and let’s get it on. I’ve been in the UFC for 8 years and I’ve never turned downed an opponent yet. When you were in basic training shining shoes, I was kicking ass in the UFC so if you think I’m intimidated by you mate, come on, get a grip, it’s a little bit silly if I’m honest”

Kennedy responds with his own clever retort while also explaining the root of his disapproval.

“Thank God we have had soldiers shining shoes since 1775 so we don’t have to sound like how that dude sounds. You know, that’s horrific. Additionally, he’s been in the UFC for 8 years, I’ve been in the UFC for 6 months and I’m in the same position as he is… Go get a couple wins and then come and talk to me Bisping. Additionally, yeah I have something against him. He’s a dirty fighter. He eye-pokes, knees downed opponents, and he spits on their corners. He complains about guys doing TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), but truthfully, the things that he does in the cage are even worse. I haven’t been calling him out, I’ve been pointing out that he’s a dirty fighter and he takes offense to that. So hey, you can rest assured I called the UFC, and I was like, ‘I want to fight Bisping. I want to monkey stomp him.’ I don’t care where I do it. As long as he fights a clean fight, he has no chance…. I’d love to fight that guy and it’s going to happen.”

With Bisping currently on the path to recovery for a early 2014 return and Kennedy coming off a recent win with a torn quad muscle, the two may be on a perfect path to collide.