Anderson Silva seems to have buried the axe with his former adversary Chael P. Sonnen, shortly after Chael’s alleged request for Silva’s help coaching against “The Axe Murderer” Wanderlei Silva on the upcoming TUF Brazil show.

Anderson may have been fed up with the trash talk in the build-up to their second showdown, but it’s now water under the bridge.

“Chael talk too much, but is a good guy. He’s not bad, he’s a good guy. Chael is (always) in the media for fight. Chael fight for the belt against me two times. Chael fight Jon Jones, Chael fought “Shogun,” Chael fight now. Chael is working for Dana White all the time. Dana don’t need to talk nothing because Chael is working all the time. It’s normal. Chael talk.”

Sure, Chael did cross the line by talking about his family, but it’s the past.

“Chael disrespect my country and my family and the UFC fans. The ladies watch UFC, the kids watch UFC. The guy talked about my wife. Why? If I talked bad about the people of the United States, I no come back to the United States because the people no like me. Come on, if you talk bad about United States, what the hell is going on? You don’ respect. But, like I tell my students all the time. ‘You guys go for fight and you need to respect the country and your opponent because this is a new sport and it is very important.'”

Good to know that Silva’s mind is at ease as he goes into his rematch bout with champ Chris Weidman at UFC 168 in Las Vegas, NV on Dec. 28.