Well it was good while it lasted. Late Monday, Vancouver city officials voted to break up the North Vancouver Athletic Commission, which basically means MMA events are no longer allowed to be held in the city.

“I’ve watched enough of it [Ultimate Fighting Championship] channel surfing to know that I find it repugnant … barbaric,” Coun. Pam Bookham was quoted as saying.

All this came about after former chairman Mirko Mladenovic, who also was a fan and supporter of MMA, was effectively impeached and then replaced by bureaucrat Dave Rudberg.

The sport was originally banned in June 2007. Two years later, city officials decided to try allowing MMA events on a one-year trial period. In December, officials finally decided that events would be held under a two-year trial period and would be monitored by the Vancouver Athletic Commission.

A few months later the UFC decided to hold UFC 115 at GM Place in Vancouver, but the event almost never happened due to high insurance rates along with other legal matters. After the event Dana White promised the organization would return to Vancouver, but unfortunately that will never happen.