It’s not every day that UFC headliners get into shootouts, but here we are, talking about Valentina Shevchenko (who will face Holly Holm at UFC on FOX 20). Shevchenko, a Russian expat who lives in Lima, Peru, was sitting in a restaurant with her coach when robbers burst in and started collecting people’s valuables. Since Shevchenko’s coach was packing heat, a gunfight ensued. He was injured, but thankfully she was not.

Today she released a statement on the incident on her Facebook page:

Thank you so much dear friends for all the moral support in this very hard time that I and my family are going through!

On Sunday my coach master Pavel risked his life to defend me and the people that I was having dinner at the local restaurant.

I was at the back of the restaurant, and I’ve seen how the thieves went from table to table hitting the diners and snatching their belongings without anyone being able to help them. When they were getting closer towards our table, Pavel acted very determined and bravely.

If criminals would have found the gun he was carrying they would have thought that he was a cop, and very likely that they would have killed him with his own gun.

The Act of Pavel was not only in self-defense, but also the defense of my life and also of the people who were by my side!

Now Pavel is recovering thanks to God!

Note to self: Do not visit Peru.