Yesterday we mentioned how President Trump’s sudden restrictions on entry into the United States by certain citizens of other countries might mess with the UFC’s matchmaking. Well, it turns out that Gegard Mousasi – who is supposed to face Chris Weidman at UFC 210 – is one of the fighters possibly affected. Mousasi, you see, was born in Iran, which is one of the countries on the banned list.

As per FOX Sports:

“I have the Dutch nationality, but I also have a visa,” Mousasi told Telesport. “But even with a visa you get in trouble, I heard. I’ll hear more about it this week though. The UFC lawyers are busy, and the people who arrange the visas are too. So it is not in my hands. My job is to train and get ready for the game. It’s just annoying.”

“This [ban] is not the right direction,” said Mousasi. “There seems to me a bit too much turmoil in the world, and this is certainly not a positive way. For years there were working relationships between countries, and now with Trump, there go all the years that worked for peace. I think he’s a bit of an arrogant guy, he does things his way, but I think he has little understanding of politics. I’ll wait for this week, and stay quiet in training, which is also good for my next fight.”