I’m not one to report on he said/she said drama, but whatever conflagration has been going on between Team Alpha Male leader Urijah Faber and former Team Alpha Male striking coach Duane “Bang” Ludwig bled over into last night’s episode of TUF, so here goes.

If you’ll recall in the not-too-distant past, Bang was brought on for a coaching position with Faber’s team. It lasted a year, then Bang was cut loose. However, he still coached TAM’s TJ Dillashaw, and Dillashaw went on to become champ.

There were hints of an acrimonious split, but no one really went into detail about it… until recently, when Bang brought it up in an interview. In return, Faber lowered the boom.

As per his interview on The MMA Hour, there was a litany of transgressions, including Bang constantly shaking everyone down for money, refusing to train any females on the team, coming in to coach only sporadically, creating a bad atmosphere in the gym, and actually physically threatening managers and UFC executives.

The picture painted was an ugly one, and Bang’s public response was to say that Faber may be a bit “punchy”.

Well, all that led to this little clip from last night’s TUF 22 episode:

It’s hard to gauge whether Conor McGregor is naturally a pecker or if he’s just seeking out drama. Either way, this Faber/Bang thing is a mess.