With the news of Dominick Cruz rocking the MMA world earlier today, Urijah Faber speaks out on the subject. Faber was originally set to fight Cruz for his bantamweight title at UFC 148 in July. It would of completed a trilogy between the two. Urijah believes that it is only smart to set up a interim title. As he points out – the title has not been defended in almost half a year, and if Dominick is out for as long as some believe it may be another year until it is again.

The scenario is not much different to GSP’s current situation, as the fellow champ suffered an ACL tear as well back in Dec. 2011. Following St-pierre’s news, the UFC made the choice to allow Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit fight. Now, with the fight coming up shortly Urijah throws out his list of ideal opponents. His first being Renan Barao, then Michael McDonald, and lastly Ivan Menjivar. Barao and Menjivar are actually booked to fight each other on the same card.

There is another factor that goes into this as the Ultimate Fighter is live, and now with Dominick hurt, he may not be as much help as a coach. The smart choice may be to replace him with Michael McDonald as he is coming off a huge win and knockout over Miguel Torres. People would have time to warm up to him on the TV show. Plus, the belt would get a number one contender in the Menjivar and Barao match-up. Whoever wins the interim title between Urijah and Michael could then defend it, depending on how long Dominick may be out. Interim titles are not always the best thing to do, but with the lighter weight classes being so new to have a champion out so long will only hinder the division.